Creator of the 10 Minute Massage Break!

Your employees can receive their 10 Minute Massage Break right at their desk with our custom designed flat cork, non-skid Desk Top Face Rest! No need to schedule it, text it, remind them or go to another room. 10 minutes are precious and time can easily be wasted on relaxation logistics. Let us bring the convenience right to the desk…every desk. So when their ready for their 10, they simply lean forward!

Desktop Massage Rolling Kit

Our compact Desktop Massage Rolling Kit includes all the goodies for your employee’s optimal experience. The kit includes our non skid desktop face rest, Bluetooth Headset, Organic Essential Oil Hand Sanitizing Spray and drying towel, our Garment Glide Massage Cloth, and All Natural Neck Rub Lotion. A monthly membership with our 10 minute desktop massage option includes this stationed kit so our LABP Certified Providers are always prepared!

Private Employee Office

At The Desk

Having a longer massage in a private office allows for more comfortability and an exposed back so you can have a tabletop experience or be positioned on one of our tabletop chairs as shown here.

We are the ONLY chair massage company with state-of-the-art 180 degree incline table top chairs so that your company can receive tabletop style bodywork without the space requirements of a table.

Massage Memberships

  • 6 HOURS Office Massage
  • Serves 15 Employees
  • 20 Minute Massages

Regular Price: $600


  • 12 HOURS Office Massage
  • Serves 40 Employees
  • 15 Minute Massages

Regular Price: $1200


  • 24 HOURS Office Massage
  • Serves 120 Employees
  • 10 Minute Massages

Regular Price: $2400


Event Massage

Whether your office event is scheduled same day, in advance or a surprise party for your favorite business relationship, we have you covered! Our LABP Certified Providers work with our sister company Massage Event Pros and come stylized with your unique bow tie color selection!

White Summer Soiree tops with Black Bow Tie

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